by Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師)

Unnatural (TV Series)

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Song key(s)

B major, A♭ major

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by Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師)
Unnatural (TV Series)

B major, A♭ major



Yume naG#mraba doF#re hodo yoEkatta deshoBu

ImaEda ni anaBta no koto Fmwo yume ni miD#ru

WasuG#mreta mono F#wo tori ni Ekaeru you Bni

FuruEbita omoBide no hoF#kori wo haBrau


ModoG#mranai shiF#awase ga Earu koto Bwo

SaiEgo ni anaBta ga oshiFmete kureD#ta

IeG#mzu ni kakuF#shiteta kuErai kako Bmo

AnaEta ga inaBkya eien ni D#kurai maG#mma


C#mKitto mou kore G#mijou    F#kizutsuku koBto nado

C#mAri wa shinaG#mi to waEkatF#te iBru


Ano hi no Ekanashimi Bsae ano hi no F#kurushimi G#msae

Sono subeEte wo aishiBteta anaF#ta to tomo D#ni

Mune ni noEkori hanaBrenai nigai A#mremon   D#no niG#moi

Ame C#mga furiyaG#mmu made wa Ekae-F#renaFmi

Ima C#mdemo anaG#mta wa wataEshi no F#hikaBri


| G#m , F#  -   E , B |

| E , B   -   A#m , D# |


KuraG#myami de aF#nata no Ese wo naBzotta

Sono Erinkaku wo Bsenmei ni oFmboete   iD#ru

UkeG#mtome kireF#nai mono to Edeau taBbi

AfuErete yamaBnai no wa D#namiGmda daG#mke


C#mNani wo shiteG#mita no F#nani wo miteBita no

C#mWatashi no shiG#mranai yoEko- F#gao Bde


Dokoka de Eanata ga iBma watashi to F#onaji yoG#mu na

Namida ni Ekure sabishiBsa no naka F#ni iru naD#ra

Watashi no Ekoto nado Bdouka wasuA#mrete    D#kudaG#msai

SonC#mna koto wo koG#mkoro kara negaEu  F#hodo Fmni

Ima C#mdemo anaG#mta wa wataEshi no F#hikaBri

| B , F# , B , E♭ |


FmJibu-D♭n ga oE♭mou yoA♭ri

D♭Koi wo shiA♭teita aE♭nata   A♭ni

FmAre   D♭kara oE♭mou you A♭ni

D♭Iki    A♭ga  deE♭kina- A♭i

Anna Fmni soD♭ba ni iE♭ta no A♭ni

D♭Maru- A♭de   uE♭so  miA♭tai

ToteFmmo wasuD♭rera- E♭rena- A♭i

D♭Sore   A♭dake   G♭ga tashikaD♭  E


Ano hi no kanaEshimi Bsae ano hi no F#kurushimi G#msae

Sono subeEte wo aishiBteta anaF#ta to tomo D#ni

Mune ni noEkori hanaBrenai nigai A#mremon  D#no   niG#moi

Ame C#mga furiyaG#mmu made wa EkaeF#renaFmi

KiriC#mwaketa kaG#mjitsu no kaEtahou no F#you Bni

Ima C#mdemo anaG#mta wa wataEshi no F#hikaEri

Transcriber's comments



Song Transcriber


Song Transcriber

A Beautiful Masterpiece!

Hi there! Hikari here!

This song needs no introduction! This is “Lemon” by the legendary Kenshi Yonezu. I felt very deeply in love with this beautiful song from the moment I first heard it. This song is so beautiful throughout.

The song starts off with the vocals accompanied by piano, setting the soft sentimental tone right off the bat. Then the light beat of the clapping and the gentle bass joins in, building up the emotion from within. I simply love the way the song begins with the first verse, especially in how it prepares the listener for what’s to come.

I simply love the composition of the pre-choruses. Coming from the verses, the piano accompaniment comes back into prominence, emphasizing the main chords. The clapping that paced the melody returns. The chords for each lines is C#minor (II) which paints an imagery of emotional uneasiness and longing. The pre-chorus ends with the major root, giving closure to the earlier uneasiness. All these blend into a perfectly beautiful melody. What a great build-up to the chorus!

My favourite part is the bridge. After the second chorus, the electric guitar stops and the piano accompaniment takes over. Both the drums and the clapping acts as the heartbeat of the melody. What sets the bridge apart is the key shifting to A♭ major. The melody slowed down, giving more space for emotional expression. Gosh, I love it so much.

Kenshi really delivers in the melancholic yet strong vocals of this song, which really invokes the feelings of tenderness, sadness, longing and even nostalgia. It is no wonder that this record-breaking song has been the top in the J-Pop charts for at least 2 years. (It still is at the time of posting)

The song Lemon sings of the undying love and sorrow of loss, which is like the lingering scent of a lemon. This theme, I believe, is very universal across the globe and that is also why many felt an emotional connection to the masterpiece song. I certainly have.

Posted 16 Feb, 2020.






Superb Song!

I'm so glad Hikari chose to transcribe this beautiful song.

It is without doubt a super touching song. I mean.. just feel all the emotions behind the song.

This song is really special because from a technical perspective, you can hear very clearly that the focus is on the vocals, and the emotions in it. Realise that the instruments are very subtle in their presence and yet they are still there, providing great support to the vocals.

I think if there is one thing this song got it right, is that in the end, it's better to have a few main instruments and let the voice and emotions take the spotlight. What a great song indeed!

Posted 17 Feb, 2020.