Privacy Policy respects the privacy rights of all our visitors.

In the spirit of transparency, our Privacy Policy lists out how your data may be collected and recorded by third parties that we partner with.

We use/partner with the following third parties:

What information does Google collect?

Google collects and records some information in order to provide YouTube services to our users.

Here are some (but not limited to) of the information that Google collects:

To find out more on what information Google collects from our users, visit their Privacy Policy to learn more.

Alternatively, you can learn how Google uses the data by visiting the following link: How Google uses data when you use our partner's sites or apps.

What information does CDJapan collect?

Our song pages may contain affiliate links to

When you click on any of our affiliate links, you will be redirected to CDJapan uses cookies for features like the shopping cart or login session management, as specified in their Privacy Policy.

CDJapan also records the referred song page that the affiliate link was clicked from.

Form Submissions in

In any form submissions in, you may have provided your email address to us. We will only use your email address to contact you as and when required to render our services to you as part of

Rest assured, your email address will be kept safe, private and confidential with us. If you would like to delete your email address record from our database, kindly drop us an enquiry, stating your intention to delete your email address from our database.

Cookies created and stored by

We utilise cookies to store and retrieve user preferences, for example the Dark Mode feature preference. Cookies created by are only used to enhance the user experience and do not contain any personal information. These cookies are stored locally in the user's browser.

How do we monetise our content?

We do not monetise our content directly. However, we are a partner in CDJapan’s affiliate program and also accept Ko-fi donations to support the server costs of keeping online.

Affiliate links to

We are an affiliate partner of Affiliate links are usually located in the song pages.

When you click on our affiliate links and successfully purchase from CDJapan, we may receive a commission from CDJapan (at no additional cost to you).

Donations via Ko-fi

We gladly accept donations from our visitors and fans. The donations received will be used to keep our servers running, improve's features and transcribe new songs for our users.

Donations to can be made via Ko-fi.

Opting out

Google Analytics

You may choose to opt out of Google Analytics tracking by using the Google Analytics Opt-out browser plugin offered by Google.

Kindly understand that we will not be liable for any damage or consequences that may arise from your use of the aforementioned plugin. Should you choose to download and use the plugin, you are solely liable for all consequences that come directly or indirectly as part of using the plugin.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We will review and update this Privacy Policy from time to time to adapt to the requirements as set by relevant authorities.

If you would like to be informed of the changes of this Privacy Policy, do submit your contact information through our Contact Us form.

Last updated: 25 Feb, 2023.