Into The Night (夜に駆ける English ver.)

Into The Night (夜に駆ける English ver.)


Ayase / YOASOBI Official YouTube Channel

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E♭ major, F major

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Into The Night (夜に駆ける English ver.)

Ayase / YOASOBI Official YouTube Channel

E♭ major, F major



Seize a A♭move, you're on B♭me

Falling, and Gmwe were dissolCmving

|  A♭  -  G7  -  Cm  -  B♭  |

You and A♭me, skies aB♭bove and wide

It Gmbrings on the the truCme night on mA♭e        G7  Cm

|  A♭ , Gm  -  Cm , B♭  |

|  A♭ , G7  -  Cm , Cm , B♭m/D♭ , E♭  |

|  A♭ , Gm  -  Cm , B♭  |

|  A♭ , G7  -  Cm  |


A♭All I could feeGml was a "gooCmdbye"

Those B♭only E♭words you A♭wrote

It's plenty Gmto understanCmd ya

The B♭sun is E♭going A♭down

The sky beB♭hind and viGmsions of you would Cmstand

OverA♭lapping with yoGmu and the fenCmce beyond

ReA♭member the nighGmt that we mCmet up

Broke B♭into me and A♭taken everyGmthing left in mCmy heart

So B♭m/D♭fragile        E♭is that A♭air

It always B♭keeps on reGmvolving near and Cmwide

LoneliA♭ness envelopG7s deep in youCmr eyes


It's stuck in “A♭tick-and-tocking” B♭mode

Never refraining Gmshamble, block of Cmsound

Too many terrible A♭noises around

And the G7voice ringing in me gets Cmlouder

With B♭mtears abouE♭t to fall A♭

I need to B♭find me an aveBdimrage happy tiCmptoe

LocaA♭ting, never tough when I'm with G7you


Saw what got A♭seen hid beB♭neath

And louder Gmnights keep beaCmting

I'm goA♭ing to you

And G7giving brighter Cmshiny tomorB♭m/D♭rows

E♭What can "A♭night" for you B♭mean, infinite?

GmYou could run with Cmme

Place your A♭hand in mine

You gotta stay, hold G7up

Want to leave it beA♭hind, dark cruel B♭days,

In deep, you Gmmay have hid beCmfore

I'm emA♭bracing you unG7til more heat

DisCmsolve what is caught B♭m/D♭up

E♭Sun will A♭soon rise B♭up

Into a Bdimday you're no moCmre too afraid

A♭       Keep all of B♭me in you


|  A♭ , Gm  -  Cm , B♭  |

|  A♭ , G7  -  Cm , Cm , B♭m/D♭ , E♭  |

|  A♭ , Gm  -  Cm , B♭  |

|  A♭ , G7  -  Cm  |


A♭Only perceGmiving through Cmyour eyes

I B♭see noE♭thing, I'll A♭soon hate you

Keep G7me out, I'm Cmcrying out

You're B♭m/D♭falling        E♭into A♭deeper fasciB♭nation

BdimGiving away your Cmlove

That exA♭pression has G7got me crying ouCmt


She's gonna A♭try to me, she's gonna G7lie

Got to force a Cmbelief and trust to keep B♭on

Every time it A♭happens, heap of attacG7k, and now I'm back in

I Cmgot to cry, then who B♭m/D♭knows?

So E♭we gotta keA♭ep on

If you gotta keB♭ep on

Then we're gonna keBdimep on

One day, Cmwe will underA♭stand

I'm beB♭lieving in you


|  A♭ , Gm  -  Cm , B♭  |

|  A♭ , G7  -  Cm , Cm , B♭m/D♭ , E♭  |

|  A♭ , Gm  -  Cm , E♭  |

|  A♭ , G7  -  Cm  |


"A♭No, wanna stop it, you Gmgot me tired of waCmlking"

As I B♭show my needs, I A♭reach to get back G7on

Still not fit Cmin

You free my B♭m/D♭hand, then E♭leave it

"A♭No, wanna stop it, You B♭got me tired of waGmlking"

Never Cmtold you the A♭truth

I'm feeling G7that insidCme


Back for another "A♭tick-and-tocking" B♭mode

Never refraining Gmshamble, block of Cmsound

Killing, oh, too many wA♭ords that I gathered aG7round

Won't let me go to Cmyour mind

"I B♭mwant it E♭to be A♭done" is what went ouB♭t

It found a way to finaGmlly leak out of mCme

And for A♭once, I could make you let out a G7smile


Saw what got Gseen hid beAneath

And louder Fmnights are keeping me Bmdown

My new Gimages of F7you, now, appeBmar heavenly Anow

What can "Gnight" for you Amean

When fallen Fmseas of tears are Cmgone

They disGsolve into the peace inside of F7you     A♭  A


Calling to B♭life, hit beCneath

Crying days Amin the eterDmnal

Give me B♭what I saw in A7you

Oh, what an Dmend to stop alCm/E♭l

FSeize a B♭move, you're on Cme

Falling and A7we were dissolDmving

See me B♭to it

Fog is leaving, bright air A7move


Want to leave it beB♭hind,

Tucked all Cdays away, forAmget, and hid beDmneath

Hand in B♭hand, extend to A7me,

That let me Dmknow beyond falCm/E♭ls

FThrough the B♭seas of beCyond,

So loud and C#dimblows you afloaDmt in the sky

B♭       New wind mCoving into youF


Tonight, don't eB♭ver lose sight of Cme and let gFo

You and F7/E♭me are running B♭through the night in Cdark

I'll (rest)take you

|  B♭ , C  -  Am , Dm  |

|  B♭ , A7  -  Dm , Dm , Cm/E♭ , F  |

|  B♭ , C  -  C#dim , Dm  |

|  B♭ , A7  -  Cm  |